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As a speaker Marianne’s sweetspot is at the intersection of business/innovation/creativity and personal development/psychology – focusing on doing things as the person you are (and getting better results that way – without getting lost in all the follow-the-leader formulas).

Whatever the topic – from corporate presentations (eg: creating a culture of innovation by embracing your liminality) to entrepreneurship keynotes (eg: creating your own best strategy in a world of noise and one-size-fits-all should-dos) or personal development seminars (expanding on the themes on this website)  – Marianne is known for bringing a ‘down to earth’ style that gets under the surface to really reach your audience.

An extended version of the above TEDx Talk is also available as a Keynote from April 2017.

About Marianne as a speaker:

Marianne has delivered a recent TEDx Talk (at Europe’s only TED Education event in 2017), as well as keynote talks and workshops at places from Alternatives UK to entrepreneurship events in the UK and USA… in venues ranging from online events, to high end conference rooms to (in a favourite moment) a field outside a rather fabulous yurt.

Her speaking style reaches every part of your audience (from wild dreamers to the on-the-fence realists):

Originally from Australia, half English, but spending lots of time in the USA, Marianne’s style brings elements of all those worlds: moments of raw honesty and enthusiasm of USA speakers… grounded in a down to earth let’s-get-realness of our Aussie friends… rounded off with the ‘thinking’ style (a la Ken Robinson) of someone who started their speaking career in the UK (and who reads a lot of books!).

(Marianne is also a closet geek so if you want the only self development / entrepreneurship / leadership keynote that might involve a surprisingly relevant reference to vampires – and let’s face it, who hasn’t – you’re in the right place).

More to the point, once booked Marianne’s focus is all about ‘connection’ with your audience: 

… to deliver words and ideas that stick in minds and hearts for a long time to come. So expect a chat beforehand asking lots of questions about your audience: who they are, what they care about, why they are here. If you value that too, then this is already sounding like a fit.

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Where in the world is MC right now? Is she available where my event is running?

In August/September 2017 Marianne is booked to speak in the UK and Europe

After this her location is more flexible (likely to involve the USA as well as the UK) and she’s delighted to travel — so no matter where your event is, whiz us a message at speaking [@] mariannecantwell.com and let’s talk.