Marianne is a business mentor, bestselling author and TEDx speaker: mostly known as the author of Be A Free Range Human (translated into 6 languages and consistently Amazon top 10 in its category since launch several years ago), she is also the founder of Free Range Humans (the online course/events business with 20,000 followers around the world). 

Marianne has been quoted / featured in publications including the Guardian (Weekend Magazine), Sunday Times, Daily Mail (You Magazine)GlamourPsychologies and Woman business titles such as Forbes Business Week, CBS MoneyWatch, and Management Today and podcasts such as FoundrShe has also appeared in several books (such as Stuffocation), on radio shows and as an expert on national television programmes.

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If you’re looking to interview Marianne here are some tidbits to make it easy.

Marianne is happy to talk about key popular topics — such as getting paid by doing things in line with your personality and strengths, getting more freedom in your business, creating stand-out work in a world of noise etc. If that’s the sort of thing you want, or if you just want a quote from her on a piece you’re writing, zip down to the contact form below and we’ll make it happen!

However if you’re looking for some inspiration for what to get into in your interview / podcast, here’s an inside view:

Over the last few years Marianne has taken some unusual choices in her business such as: 

a) going from travelling the world full-time with her business-in-a-suitcase… to ‘nesting’ and taking on an unusual ‘tiny house’ style renovation project in urban London (don’t worry, she’s still travelling in between this!) b) taking 3 months completely offline from her business c) shutting down a profitable online product that required her to only work part of each month d) choosing to start a new fan page from scratch (rather than building on one with close to 10,000 followers) and more. 

She is also happy to talk about running your business as a HSP – highly sensitive person – without getting sidetracked by the crowd. 

If you think your readers or listeners would welcome a fresh view, outside the usual “follow the leader” blueprints, bring her on board!

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