Welcome to DEEPER: the place for people who value depth over soundbites

Who care about creating quality work (and lives) that matter, in a noisy world,

Who value doing things as the person you are (including the bits of you that don’t always fit neatly into a box).

We’re going under the surface – to the pieces of the picture that often get left out in a world of memes clogging up our newsfeeds, endless should-dos clogging up our heads (and shiny should-bes clogging up our hearts)…

… and I’d love to have you come along with me.

DEEPER is the antidote to the world of noise and ‘follow the leader’ formulas filling up our screens and our heads these days.

The very simplest way to discover DEEPER is to join for a $1 trial below.

The second simplest way is to hit play here right now:

Here I talk you through it, me to you… in a way that is clearer than words on a page could ever be

Listen in. I might just be speaking your langauge…


1. Weekly private deep-dive audios


2. Monthly: Deeper Salon (interactive)

3. BONUS: Book Club

1. Weekly private Deep-Dive audio (from me to you) 

Every week you get, directly to your inbox, an in depth podcast-style audio (private to Deeper members only) where I talk about the ‘under the surface’ parts of a topic that affects us as liminal people who are creating lives and work that lasts in a noisy world (and to do so without leaving a piece of ourselves behind on the way).

Downloadable so you can listen to them on the move, or anywhere.

2. Deeper Salons (monthly) 

This is the place we come together once a month in an online interactive salon, a live discussion session where we deep-dive into that month’s theme.

The ‘salons’ are via video conference (virtually face to face!) so you can join from anywhere (and don’t worry there is no pressure for you to be on camera if you don’t want to!).

These monthly events are private to DEEPER members only, so the discussions and realisations that come out of these are, er, deeper than what come up in a public space — so come along! 

3. BONUS: Book Club

Oh yes, we have a book club! Every two months I share one of my favourite books on my bookshelf with you. A title that is the best read you can have on that topic.

See I’m a speed reader (and a not-so-closet nerd ;)) so I read a lot. Which means I get through the dross (so you don’t have to waste your time with that) and pick out the gold nuggets out there…

So that when you pick up a DEEPER book club title you know you are getting something of value that will stick with you for a long time.

You get two whole months to read each book if you choose – and at the end we get together in our online Book Circle where we debrief and talk about applying the ideas to our life and work. 

I will announce our next Book Club title this week so now is a perfect time to hop in!

It’s time for a place that goes DEEP rather than skims the surface.

That gets under the surface of creating a life and work that matters & lasts in a noisy world.

If you feel the same… then welcome home my love: this one’s for you.


$14 a month (billed once annually).

No upsells. Just one flat simple rate.

Yes: despite being the thing I’m most excited about, it’s also by far the lowest cost thing I’ve ever offered (if you’re curious why see the FAQs below!).

But to make it even easier…

Right now – if you’re even slightly curious about this – you can try DEEPER out for yourself for a whole month for $1:




Deeper is about quality. Real quality, not the sort that wears off once you rub off the gloss.

It’s about going under the surface of things that often get glossed over in a soundbite filled world. Given that:

I didn’t want to spend more time convincing you to join this than the time I spent creating the pieces inside for you (after all that is the part that matters! And it’s best to keep our heads in that game so you get the best stuff. Plus, you’re marketed at enough these days amiright?).

So this is a very simple page on purpose — because you’re a smart person and if anything I’ve said has clicked with you and you’re curious about this… then I’d much rather you got to look for yourself rather than read a long hype-y description!

So if even one thing I have said has resonated with you, I invite you to try DEEPER out for yourself at just $1 for a full month. 

If at the end of that time you don’t think it’s for you anymore, whiz us an email and all will be well! If, however, you do love it then you can stay on board. Easy, right? (I know I’d much rather look at something myself than have the ‘outsides’ of it described to me at length ;).

The moment you do this an email will be whizzed to you with all the welcome info and what’s coming up so you can get excited! See you in there. Mx

In today’s world of surface attention Deeper is a breath of fresh air.

Smart, sincere, it has got me looking at things in my life and work in a very different way” – Chris Hamilton

“Deeper is a rare beacon of honesty that guides you to the deeper truths we yearn for. Questions that push you into unexpected areas, conversations that go to places you don’t normally visit. In an internet world full of false sirens luring you onto the rocks of quick fixes… it’s on its own.

– Colin Newlyn 

“Deeper is the one place where I can explore all aspects of my life, my personality and my work… it is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement.” – Claire Maycock


Why is the pricing so low? Is there some sneaky upsell?

No, there’s no upsell!

I’ve made this so accessible intentionally: partly, I wanted this to be a no brainer for you… and at a level that made it feel good to join.

But also because, well, there’s a time and place for $1000 or even $10,000 programmes… but the reality is when you commit that much there is a LOT of pressure, right? Pressure get value from every word, to go through it all without missing a thing. But in that stress… something is lost. And that something is often exactly what you are seeking:

The best realisations and discoveries can take a while to bed in. That thing you read one day and then two weeks later it really hits? It doesn’t get space to do that when you’re freaking out because you spent the value of a car (or more!) on a course! 

The most impactful things I’ve done, the things that last, they needed time. They needed space to breathe. 

I want to let you revel in this – to have this enhance your life (rather than being a burden). So by making the pricing for this unusually stress free, and by keeping the format simple (one thing a week. One live interactive salon a month. One book at a time) this is the one thing that will enhance your thinking, your life and your work.. without adding pressure to it.

So if any of this has resonated click here to peek in. I’d love to see you there.

What if I don’t like it?

I’ll do my best to ensure that you do like it :). But if you end up thinking this just isn’t for you, you can reply to the welcome email within your trial month and the wonderful Monica will immediately ensure that you don’t pay another cent, no questions asked.

Is there a Facebook group?

Nope! (*everyone breathes a secret collective sigh of relief*)

Leaving out the noisy Facebook group part is very much intentional. There are so many groups out there already – I’m sure you’re in more than one. And  as part of a time limited 6 week course, they can be pretty useful. But ongoing? Distraction central.

Constantly wondering if you’re missing out on something and scrolling to catch up and  surface chatter and notifications pinging all over the place even when you thought you’d turned them off…. Well, not here:

One of the intentions of DEEPER is to get into what matters without the noise… so I wasn’t going to add something to your life that creates more noise. Instead we keep it clear so you have plenty of place to think, reflect and put things into play.

So rest assured there is no noisy group foisted on you every day…. but there is space to chat with me and fellow DEEPER people in our (100% optional!) monthly salon, which means you get the best of both worlds.

What sort of people join up to Deeper?

One thing I love is the quality and range of people on DEEPER – we are all likeminded (if you chimed with anything I said above then that’s you too!) but as for background:

We have some people who are well established leaders and authors in their own right, people with 25 years’ experience doing what they do (yup, some names you will know are signed up to DEEPER!)… on the other hands we have others who are dipping their toe in the water of doing things your way for the first time. We have people who are focused on their business, and others who are more about creating art or writing on the side, people of all stages of life… 

What people who sign up have in common is valuing the things I’ve described on this page. Like quality, depth, being who you are – in a world that tries to put you into a box. And who are tired of the surface conversations out there around important topics in your life and want to go deeper.

If that’s you, come on inside my love: I’ve made this one for you.

I like this but would like to know more… what’s the best way to find out?

Simply – signing up to the $1 trial below! That’s exactly why I created it: so that you can see for yourself rather than having answers filtered through someone else’s lens (anyway: do this and whatever happens you got a basically free month – which is never a bad thing :).


The moment you do this an email will be whizzed to you with all the welcome info and what’s coming up so you can get excited! See you in there. Mx